Colorado Certified Records Network


Accreditation Through Certification for
Law Enforcement Records Professionals

CCRN Certification

The primary objective of CCRN is to reinforce and enhance the level of professionalism now commonly expected of public safety records personnel. Changes in technology, legal issues, and records management systems significantly increase the potential for both active participation in law enforcement challenges and for personal and agency liability. Training and certification have never been more essential. CCRN candidates will receive the Colorado Certified Records Technician (CCRT) designation by attending the specified CCRN training sessions and passing the required examinations.

To attain certification status members must attend training seminars and pass exams in each of the following five skill sets set forward by the CCRN Board of Advisors:

  • Principles of Records Management
  • Communication & Customer Service
  • Law Enforcement Records Technology
  • Colorado Open Records Act Law (CORA)
  • Intergovernmental Communication

Benefits of Certification

Raising the skill level of records personnel will strengthen the profession as a whole and bring recognition to those individuals achieving the CCRT designation. Both the employee and the agency benefit when records personnel receive training that is designed to keep them current with legal and regulatory mandates and introduce them to new technological advances that can impact the records function. The potential for liability issues is reduced and the ability to support law enforcement is greatly enhanced. Certified records technicians should also command increased compensation commensurate with their skills and abilities.

Each CCRT will receive the “For the Record,” newsletter, and a CCRT roster. CCRTs will be invited to attend seminars throughout the year and to use the CCRN website

Responsibilities of Certification

Once certified, CCRTs will be expected to maintain their skills through continued training designed to improve the public safety records information and management profession. Recertification training documentation is required every three years. The required training may be fulfilled by attending one CCRN sponsored conference of your choice, and one Colorado Open Records Act law (CORA) class. Other related training may substitute for a CCRN sponsored conference and must be approved in advance by the Board of Advisors. Please see the forms/links tab of this website for more information on recertification and recertification points. 

Members are required to attend one CORA course every three years to remain proficient in records release responsibilities and stay abreast to changes in Colorado state law.  However, we strongly urge technicians to take a CORA class more often as changes occur to the law every year.

CCRTs are required to adopt the CCRN Code of Ethics (herein stated). CCRN’s Board of Working Advisors (BOA) will review known violations in an effort to maintain the integrity of the program. The decision to revoke the certification of any CCRT who is found to be “not in good standing” is at the discretion of the BOA.

CCRN Skillset Sections
Part 1: Principles of Records Management
Part 2: Communication & Customer Service
Part 3: Technology Resources
Part 4: Colorado Open Records Act Law (CORA)
Part 5: Intergovernmental Communication

Experienced law enforcement and other professional trainers will provide classroom instruction. Examinations will be developed by the instructor to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Applying for Membership

Persons wishing to become a CCRT must complete and submit an application form. Applications may be obtained from any member of the BOA or from the 'forms' tab of this website. The form should be emailed to
 or mailed to Dixie Beck, Craig 800 West 1st Street, Suite 300, Craig, CO 81625.


Tests will be disseminated at the conclusion of each CCRN training seminar or CORA class.  Members may also or solicit the test by email or regular mail within thirty days of attending a CCRN training seminar or CORA class.  Members must have attended a training seminar or CORA class to test on the information. Members must attend the ALL SEGMENTS of the CCRN seminar in order to be eligible to take the seminar exams. The CORA class must be at least six (6) hours in length.  The exams for training seminars and for CORA classes will be “take home/open book” exams.  All exams are to be taken on an individual basis and are not to be a group effort.  Tests must be completed and postmarked by no later than 30 (thirty) days after the CCRN training or CORA class.  Special exceptions may be made for certain situations and you may contact a board member with questions.   

A score of at least 85% for each exam must be achieved.  Members may request clarification on items missed for a particular exam and may request to retake any exam.  Members may have three (3) attempts per year to pass a test.  If the member cannot pass the test within the year, she/he must attend the seminar or CORA class again and show proof that the class was attended before another attempt can be made at the exam.  The actual test will not be sent out to retain the integrity of the exams.


Certification must be achieved within three (3) years of application to CCRN or the entire process must be repeated in order to remain current with legal and procedural applications that change over time.

Colorado Certified Records Network (CCRN) has prepared and assembled this information for educational purposes. No members of CCRN are licensed attorneys in the State of Colorado or in any other state. This information was not prepared or reviewed by licensed attorneys. This information is not legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship between CCRN and the recipient. The recipient is directed to obtain their own legal advice if there are any questions as to this information.